Questions and answers

Can your use ViruxOral and ViruxNasal if you already have Covid-19?

Viruxal is designed to be an additional protection against viral infections but not a cure for Covid-19. Using Viruxal can help reduce viral load in the mouth and the nasal cavity, whether a person has been infected or not.

Where are the sprays produced?

They are produced and developed in the wonderful town of Isafjordur in the Icelandic Westfjords.

Can anyone use the spray – even children and pregnant women?

As a medical device we have completed all the necessary research for the launch of the product, but we have not completed a separate research on possible side-effects for children or pregnant women.  We therefore cannot recommend that those groups use the product before we complete that research.

Has any research been conducted on the effectiveness on humans?

The Viruxal sprays are built on the same technology as the Kerecis Wound spray. The Kerecis Wound spray is a medical device, that is widely used around the world and has been tested on thousands of patients with no known side effects. Viruxal has tested the efficacy in a laboratory setting and is working on in-vivo tests.

Do the sprays contain any known allergens?

There are no known allergic reactions to the spray, a clinical research including over 100 patients showed no side effects and no adverse events. The product has been tested for biocompatibility according to relevant standards. It is though not recommended to use if user has a known allergy for any of the ingredients.

Why did you introduce two products, one for the nose and other for the mouth?

Peer-reviewed research papers indicate that most of the Covid-19 infections have come through airborne viruses that penetrate the mucosal tissue in the nasal cavity, while the throat also has a mucosal tissue that those viruses can penetrate. Some users prefer the oral spray while others prefer the nasal spray, and it is not recommended to use the same spray in the mouth and the nose.  Given the importance of viral protection Viruxal decided to offer users the two options for protection and at the same time, a double protection for those who want to take extra measures in viral protection.