About Viruxal

Viruxal ehf is an innovation company that develops, produces and sells the ViruxNasal and ViruxOral sprays. Viruxal is a subsidiary of Kerecis, which develops, produces and sells medical devices that include fish-skin grafts, wound sprays, tissue regenerating products and hand-sanitizers. Kerecis products are based on natural fatty acids. Through years of development, production and sales on wound healing products Kerecis has developed virucidal technology, called Viruxal, that later developed into an independent subsidiary under that same name. Viruxal technology is based on sound scientific grounds and a sustainable utilization of natural resources. Viruxal products are patent protected.

Viruxal is produced in Isafjordur, in the Westfjords region of Iceland. Development, sales and marketing is directed from the Reykjavik office and in collaboration with numerous universities and research institutions around the world.

The Viruxal team

Gudmundur Fertram Sigurjonsson

Founder and Chairman

Dora Hlin Gisladottir

General Manager

Jon Pall Leifsson

Marketing Manager

Hilmar Kjartansson, M.D.

VP Clinical Development

Jon Magnus Kristjansson M.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Mark Maghie

Director of Strategic Development and Legal Affairs

Gudmundur Magnus Hermansson

VP Global Partnerships

Arni Ingason

Compliance and Improvement Director

Oskar Vilmundarson

Project Manager

István Végh-Sigurvinsson

Quality and Regulatory Manager

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